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      Click here to view our Collection of Wine Decanters

      You have a choice of both glass and crystal Wine Decanters, all available in our online Shop.  Select from our traditional lead crystal, or modern Wine Decanters.

      Orbit Crystal Decanter - A fine modern choice of Wine Decanter

      Why decant wine?  In days gone by, wine used to have lees at the bottom of the bottle.  A residue of the fruit the wine is made from.  Constant tipping up of the bottle would result in some of this residue entering the glass.  Today, it is recognised that pouring wine from bottle to Wine Decanter mixes it with air, releasing the flavour.

      A red wine drinker will thank you most sincerely for the gift of a good quality Wine Decanter.  Bottles today have little or no lees in the bottom, but the wine, poured from one container into another, will benefit greatly in taste.  Another add-on gift to look out for is a 'wine aerator', to place inside the decanter neck.  Sadly, we do not offer them, but you will surely find them online!

      Inverness Elite Panelled 24% Lead Crystal Wine Decanter - A more modern twist on the 'Traditional' cut pattern.

      Both unbranded and branded "Inverness Crystal" Wine Decanters are available for your engraving.  These traditional shapes are very popular for personal presentations and when presenting an engraved wine decanter, you can be assured that it will remain on display in perpetuity. Being crystal, wine decanters take engraving beautifully, resulting in a depth of engraving one can dig a fingernail into!  Suitable also for Sports Trophies and Corporate Awards, Engraved Wine Decanters made a big statement.

      An entwined pair of 'Lovers Decanters', a perfect Wedding / Anniversary gift!

      All the Wine Decanters in our Modern range are suitable for engraving.  Either upload your own design, or select one from our extensive library.  Add text, to commemorate any event and select a font style from the list.  The result will be a unique personalised gift or presentation piece that will be useful and admired by all who see it on display.  And it will surely be displayed..! Take a look at the range of Wine Decanters in our online Shop.  If you have any questions and would like to talk with a friendly, professional human-being, just Contact Us.