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      Firing Glasses

      Firing Glass

      Gravesham Trophy Centre is the premier supplier of engraved Firing Glasses and Masonic Glassware. Our Firing Glasses, hand-made and mouth-blown, coupled with quality engraving, have found favour with many Masonic Lodges over the years!

      The "Balmoral Glass" Firing Glass is the correct weight, the base being solid glass. Bringing this glass down to the table will provide the required 'bang' - while a number of them in the same room, all being brought down together, resounds in a spine-tingling 'firing glass' sound.

      Deep engraving is performed by use of our professional sandblasting machine. Extremely fine aluminium oxide (as fine as talcum powder) is blasted against a 'mask' (stencil), providing a deep image carved into the glass and leaving a matt white, exact replica of your Crest and text.

      As an optional extra, you can choose to include a Satin Box with your Firing Glass. If not, it will be packed in a quality blue card 'die-cut' box.


      Of course, the finished result on the Firing Glass is only as good as the artwork we prepare. That's what we work hard at - preparing high-quality artwork before engraving is the key.

      A selection of our extensive catalogue of stock Masonic designs, ready for engraving. Contact Us if you have a specific Masonic design in mind for engraving; we can most likely source it if it needs to be added to the file!

      Redrawing Your Own Masonic Lodge Crest

      Our software and extensive knowledge ensure that your Lodge crest is precisely as it should appear, regardless of the image quality you supply us with. We can even work from physical copies of artwork in lapel badges, letterheads and regalia. Contact Us for more information and a quote.

      We can even redraw a Lodge Crest from a photograph, as long as we can make out the details. Here is an intricate design, digitally re-created from a very low-resolution image to give you an example of what can be achieved:


      Unveiling The Legacy: The Remarkable History Of British Firing Glasses

      In the grand tapestry of British culture and tradition, countless artefacts have etched their mark on the annals of history. Among these gems, one particular treasure stands out for its unique blend of functionality, craftsmanship, and historical significance – the british firing glasses, often referred to as a shot glass. The origins of UK firing glasses can be traced back to the 17th century, a time of genuine revelry and camaraderie among Britain's gentry.

      Fashioned initially from fine crystal or glass, skilled artisans created these small vessels with meticulous attention to detail. The act of "firing" was central to the culture surrounding these glasses. A group would gather, and each person would raise their firing glass in a toast before downing their drink swiftly. As time evolved, so did the role of UK firing glasses. They witnessed the grandeur of regal banquets, Victorian soirées' luxury, and the Roaring Twenties' vibrancy. Their materials evolved, too, with pewter, silver, and even ceramics being used to craft these vessels. Through economic changes, social revolutions, and even wartime adversity, british firing glasses stood as timeless witnesses to the ever-changing landscape of British society.

      Crafting Timeless Elegance: Personalised Firing Glasses

      In the heart of artisanal excellence lies the Gravesham Trophy Centre, where craftsmanship and customisation converge to create treasures that transcend time. The personalised handmade firing glasses are remarkable artistry and individuality among our exquisite offerings. What sets the Gravesham Trophy Centre's custom firing glasses apart is the meticulous attention to detail in the personalisation process. Each glass becomes a canvas for individual stories, from engraved initials to significant dates. The engraving process is a work of art, transforming clear glass into a personalised masterpiece with sentimental value beyond measure. The journey towards owning a personalised firing glass begins with choice.

      Gravesham Trophy Centre offers a wide range of options, from the classic to the contemporary. Whether you prefer crystal-clear glass's timeless elegance or pewter's rustic charm, the selection caters to varied tastes and preferences. Craftsmanship is the heartbeat of every creation at the Gravesham Trophy Centre. The personalised firing glasses are no exception. With a passion for precision and an eye for aesthetics, the artisans ensure that every glass meets the highest quality standards. The result is a fusion of functionality and beauty, where each firing glass serves as a vessel for spirits and a work of art that sparks conversation. These custom firing glasses aren't merely items; they encapsulate moments. From weddings to milestone birthdays and corporate celebrations to sentimental gifts, these glasses capture the essence of an occasion. They carry the weight of shared laughter, cherished memories, and the significance of raising a toast to life's milestones.

      Personalised Shot Glasses Ordering Made Effortless From Gravesham Trophy Centre

      Gravesham Trophy Centre offers a streamlined solution for acquiring personalised shot glasses. The online order process embodies simplicity without compromising on customisation. From the comfort of your space, you can seamlessly navigate through our user-friendly platform, select your preferred design, and input your desired engravings. With just a few clicks, you're on your way to owning exquisitely engraved firing glasses that carry your individuality. Gravesham Trophy Centre's commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship is mirrored in every step of the online order process, ensuring that your journey from selection to ownership is as effortless as enjoyable. Elevate your shot glass collection with a touch of personal flair, and embrace the convenience of modern technology without sacrificing the essence of bespoke artistry.


      We're here to help if you have any questions; feel free to contact us.