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      Comic Awards

      Our selection of Comic Awards (Booby Prizes) - Fantastic for all types of competitions and events! Our Booby Prize Trophy range features a variety of colours and sizes to fit all budgets.
      Orders can be engraved with wording of your choice. You can also upload your own design / artwork / club logo. We're here to help if you have any questions; feel free to contact us.

      Give Someone A Good Laugh With Comic Awards

      Comic awards are a great way to add levity and fun to any occasion. These awards can be used To recognise achievements, comical situations, or even just good-natured ribbing at the expense Of others. Depending on the particular setting, funny trophies & awards can range from Humorous certificates and goofy trophies to silly plaques and uniquely designed medals. These Awards should not be taken seriously, as they are intended more for entertainment value than Anything else.

      Novelty awards & trophies come in all shapes and sizes, but many of the most Popular designs feature a combination of witty text and playful illustrations. They often include Humorous titles or descriptions that would elicit a laugh from those present at the event. For Example, an award might be given for "Best excuse" or "Most likely to procrastinate".

      Gravesham trophy centre has everything you need to turn an ordinary event into a truly Memorable experience! Located in gravesham, kent, we at gravesham trophy centre have a Great selection of custom-made comic awards & trophies that will add a unique sense of humour To any event. All our items are made with precision and care, which ensures each piece is truly One-of-a-kind. Not only do novelty awards & trophies offer recipients mementoes of Achievement, but they can also be used as motivational tools, symbolising how hard work can Bring success.

      The best selection of comic awards and trophies from gravesham Trophy centre

      You can choose from various engraved comic trophies at gravesham trophy centre, such as The 'goof balls golf bandit award’ or the 'stinky poo resin award'. And if you are still looking for A design that fits your needs perfectly, the team at gravesham trophy centre can craft custom Pieces just for you. Every piece is made with premium materials and comes in multiple sizes to Fit any budget. We specialise in custom engraving so that you can add that personal touch to Any award or trophy.

      Whether you’re looking for something classic like a silver/glass comic Award or something more contemporary like a resin award with 3d printing technology—there is Something for everyone. And if you'd like something extra special, we also offer gold plating Services. No matter what style or finish of award you're looking for, our experienced staff will Work with you to create something unique and memorable.

      The funniest comic trophies in town

      Not only are these funny trophies & awards full of character and whimsy, but they’re also Unusually sturdy and built to last - the perfect keepsake! When recognising excellence in an Organisation, no matter what size it may be, comic awards and trophies provide the ideal Solution. Whether you need something classic or modern, there is sure to be an award that fits Your needs perfectly.

      So why not check out gravesham trophy centre today? With our Selection of funny trophies & awards, and custom creations, we are sure to have something Perfect to celebrate any occasion with humour and joy!