Glass Awards

Engraved Glass Wall Plaques

Add A Touch Of Class With Glass Awards At Your Next Event

A glass award is a timeless way to recognise excellence and achievement. Glass awards are perfect for schools, colleges, organisations, businesses and any other organisation that wants to identify their top performers. Whether it’s an employee, student or team member, there are many benefits to giving out glass awards.

Glass table awards have a sophisticated look unmatched by other forms of recognition, such as certificates. They give recipients the feeling that they are being recognised for something special, which can help motivate them and make them feel valued. Plus, with various sizes, shapes and designs available, you can find the perfect glass award for any occasion.

Glass awards are durable and built to last. Unlike certificates which tend to get damaged easily over time due to wear and tear, options such as glass frame awards will remain in excellent condition even after years of display. It makes them great for displaying prominently in offices or homes as a reminder of past successes.

Finally, these type of awards offers versatility in terms of customisation options. You can engrave them with names or dates on the front or back and choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes depending on your needs. It means you can create something unique that recipients will surely appreciate for years.

Fine Selection Of Glass Plaques

Glass awards are beautiful glass memorials that are designed to last for years. At Gravesham Trophy Centre, glass plaques come in various styles and sizes to suit the individual's needs and preferences. From round budget glass awards with golden edging to rectangular glass plaques with meaningful inscriptions, you will find several attractive glass plaque options that customers can easily fit into their budget.

These awards are also incredibly long-lasting and easy to clean, perfect for customising or displaying in any room. If you're looking for a unique way to honour someone or something special, glass plaques from Gravesham Trophy Centre are a great option.

Elegant Budget Glass Awards From Gravesham Trophy Centre

Gravesham Trophy Centre is one of the leading awards manufacturers in the UK, making us an ideal choice for your next set of glass table awards. Our wide array of products can suit any occasion or celebration, whether it be an incredible achievement, a corporate award ceremony, or a family celebration.

The team at Gravesham Trophy Centre is passionate and dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring the most beautiful awards to commemorate special moments. Gravesham Trophy Centre will make your experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

So why should you buy glass awards from Gravesham Trophy Centre? Because you deserve nothing less than the best quality at incredible prices!