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      Silver Rose Bowls and Quaiches

      Our selection of Silver Rose Bowls, Vases and Quaiches - Fantastic for all types of competitions and events! Our range features a variety of styles and sizes to fit all budgets.

      Looking for Glass Rose Bowls? Click here to view the range.

      Orders can be engraved with wording of your choice. You can also upload your own design / artwork / club logo. We're here to help if you have any questions; feel free to contact us.

      Silver Rose Bowls- Timeless Addition To Any Home

      Silver rose bowls are a timeless and elegant addition to any home. These intricate vessels are crafted in sterling silver and are often adorned with finely detailed engravings, making them a stunning display. They look beautiful when filled with vibrant roses, but they can also create an attractive focal point when used as decorative centrepieces. Silver rose bowls awards have been popular since the Victorian era and make a perfect gift for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays.

      Made from durable materials that stand the test of time, these art pieces add sophistication to any room's decor and can become cherished family heirlooms for generations to come. Silver-plated rose bowls are available in various sizes, shapes and designs that range from traditional to modern styles, allowing you to find one that fits your needs perfectly. With their timeless elegance and eye-catching detail, silver rose bowls elevate your home while providing an exquisite presentation.

      Gravesham Trophy Centre: The Place To Buy Silver Rose Bowls Awards

      When buying silver-plated vases & Quaichs, you want to ensure you purchase the best quality product for your money. For those looking for a premium supplier of silver-plated rose bowls, look no further than Gravesham Trophy Centre! We at Gravesham Trophy Centre take great pride in creating unique pieces of recognition that will be treasured for a lifetime. Here’s why we are the top choice when it comes to purchasing these beautiful items:

      The Range of Silver Rose Bowls

      Gravesham Trophy Centre has a wide range of silver rose bowls awards. We feature classic designs, intricate engravings and unique styles so that customers can find just the suitable bowl for their needs. From traditional to contemporary looks, there is something for everyone here. No matter what kind of design you’re looking for, Gravesham Trophy Centre has it!

      The Quality is Unmatched

      When purchasing a silver rose bowl, you want to ensure you get the best quality item possible. Gravesham Trophy Centre only uses the highest-grade materials when creating each bowl. Every item is crafted with precision and care so that customers have a beautiful piece that will last them a lifetime. Gravesham Trophy Centre is the place to go whether you are looking for a special gift or something unique and decorative!

      Competitive Prices

      One of the great things about buying from Gravesham Trophy Centre is that we offer competitive prices on all our products. Customers can get high-quality items at prices that fit their budget. With such great deals available, it’s no wonder why so many people shop here. 

      We also offer helpful customer service that allows you to find the right product for any occasion. And with our wide array of customisation options, there’s no doubt that the awardee will be impressed with the ultimate show of appreciation. With our sleek and elegant design, these awards will make a lasting impression on the recipient. Each medal, crafted from solid silver, features intricate details such as delicate etching and embossing. Silver rose bowls also come with a custom engraving option to personalise your recognition piece further.

      So if you’re ready to take your recognition game up a notch, visit Gravesham Trophy Centre today and treat someone special to one of our stunning silver rose bowls awards!