Explore our extensive collection of Crystal Awards and find the most suitable option that fits your style and budget. From a formal presentation, a small engraved memento for an event or simply celebrating outstanding achievement, we have the perfect award or gift for your occasion.

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Crystal Awards - Perfect For Any Occasion

Crystal awards have been an enduring symbol of achievement and excellence since ancient times. Crystal reflects, refracts, and sparkles to lift spirits and commemorate a milestone. With its shimmering beauty, crystal has long been associated with grandeur and prestige and is a surefire way to make someone feel appreciated. From classic trophies to modern awards crafted by master artisans, crystal awards stir emotions unique to this type of gift.

Crystal lends a special meaning that no other material can offer through its beauty. Whether they’re used to commemorate academic achievements or sports victories, recognise employees or volunteers, or celebrate anniversaries or holidays - optical crystal awards capture the essence of accomplishment like no other award can.

Engraved Crystal Trophies - Timeless Symbol Of Excellence

Engraved crystal trophies are indeed a sight to behold. These awards are beautiful and come with timelessness and quality that makes them an ideal choice for many events. When it comes to engraved crystal awards, our craftsmanship involved is second-to-none. The finished product looks sleek and sophisticated, with intricate etchings in the glass and careful placement of each detail. Depending on the type of award chosen, there can be multiple layers of finely detailed laser engraving or hand engraving work included in the design.

One factor that makes engraved crystal trophies stand out from other awards is their versatility. They can be designed to resemble any desired shape - from traditional round or square shapes to more modern designs such as stars or spheres, giving you plenty of options for making your award unique and personalised. Additionally, because these awards are made from glass instead of metal or plastic, they can also be printed in bright colours for added vibrancy and personality for special presentations.

Gravesham Trophy Centre - Leading Crystal Awards Supplier In The UK

Gravesham Trophy Centre is the UK's premier crystal awards supplier. Our family-run business has gained a reputation for exceptional quality and attention to detail. With over 30 years of experience, Gravesham Trophy Centre specialises in custom and personalised engravings to ensure each award reflects its recipient's unique and notable accomplishments. As a result, it's simple to make sure that the items you choose bear your business' or sports team's logo/crest!

From traditional and modern designs, we have an extensive selection of crystal awards. With a large selection of customisable awards, we provide an award to fit any occasion or budget. Customers across the country appreciate our commitment to customer service, competitive pricing, and punctual delivery. Whether you’re shopping for a single award or looking to create memorable keepsakes for an entire event, Gravesham Trophy Centre is sure to be your go-to crystal awards supplier.

As a bonus, our online ordering procedure is quite simple. Gravesham Trophy Centre is worth considering if you’re looking for stunning crystal trophies that will last a lifetime and beyond.