Our ranges of Presentation Trophy Cups. Browse our collections ranging from Cast Metal that balance affordability with quality, prestige Silver Plated Cups through to the best quality Solid Silver and Hand Chased Cups. We have a personalised trophy cup for every budget and occasion! Add words to be beautifully engraved, and to make it even more special, a logo/design of your choice.

Presentation Trophy Cups by Type

Cast Trophy Cups (on Square Black Base)

Cast Trophy Cups (on Round Black Base)

Cast Trophy Cups (on Square Wood Base)

Cast Trophy Cups (on Round Wood Base)

Silver Plated Trophy Cups

Silver Plated Trophy Cups

Silver Plated Trophy Cups (With Lids)

Silver Plated Trophy Cups (With Lids)

Premium Hand Chased Trophy Cups

British Made Silver Plated Hand-Chased Trophy Cups

Solid Silver (Hallmarked) Premium Trophy Cups

British Made Solid Silver (Hallmarked) Trophy Cups

Gold Presentation Cups

Gold-Coloured Presentation Trophy Cups

Golf Cups and Claret Jugs

Trophy Bowls and Scottish Quaich

Superb Collection Of Presentation Cups & Trophies

A presentation cup is a trophy typically awarded to individuals or teams to recognise their remarkable achievements. It comes in many shapes and sizes and can be made from various materials, including glass, crystal, silver and gold. The cup itself usually has intricate designs on it, depicting its purpose and value. In addition, they often come with a lid or base, making them perfect as decorative pieces even when not used as awards. Whether looking for something special to reward outstanding performance or celebrate a special occasion, presentation cups are an elegant way to honour top performers.

At Gravesham Trophy Centre, we offer many types of cups- cast presentation cups, silver-plated presentation cups, and hand-chased presentation cups, each of which comes in various sizes and styles. We also offer customised options where you can engrave your logo or text engraved onto the presentation cup for added personalisation.

With so many options available from Gravesham Trophy Centre, you can find one that perfectly meets your needs - whether for sports awards or corporate events - without breaking the bank. With years of experience behind us in helping customers select the perfect presentation cup for their event, we will be happy to assist you in finding just what you need! 

How To Choose The Best Solid Silver Presentation Cup?

Picking the right presentation trophies for your next event can be challenging but rewarding. Suppose you want the presentation trophies to make an impression on the ceremony. In that case, it's important to do your research and think carefully about what type of material would send the desired message - will crystal or metal best reflect the elegance of your event?

Additionally, consider the size and shape of the trophy; large, unusual shapes can create an interesting talking point, or you might prefer a classic shape that will cater to everyone. Finally, personalise with an inscription or engraving of your logo and event name so that whoever is presented with it will always remember their experience! With careful thought and attention to detail, you can find perfect silver-plated presentation cups that capture your next event's beauty and sophistication.

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So why should you buy presentation awards trophies from Gravesham Trophy Centre? In short - because we are convenient, cost-effective and offer quality awards that will last for many years, making us the ideal choice for your presentation trophies. Whether you need certificates or medals, you can be assured knowing your purchase will be set up exactly as required.

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