Metal-Effect Exterior Plaque - Solid Wood Backing And Optional Stake

Available to order
Plaque/Wood Colour: Gold Plaque / Dark Mahogany Wood
Wooden Stake: No Stake - Wood Back Only
Size (Wood Backing, Inches WxH): 5in x 3in

High-quality laminate material with a 'brushed' look, which emulates the style of brass or stainless steel at a fraction of the cost! Doesn't rot or tarnish; ideal for outdoor use. Perfect for presentations, memorials and more.

Plaques available in Gold or Silver, with Dark Mahogany and Light Oak wood options.

Solid wood backing is made-to-order (please allow up to 2 weeks for production). Due to the hand-made process, a slight variation in overall size and wood tone may occur compared to the images shown.

Add engraving of your choice and even your own logo / corner scrolls (additional costs apply).

Sizes listed above are for the wooden backing board. Wooden stakes come in 3 sizes and we use a size appropriate for the board:

Wooden Stake Size Guide:

 Backing Size (WxH) Stake Size (Height, Approx.)
5" x 3" 10" (small)
6" x 4" 10" (small)
7" x 5" 16" (medium)
8" x 6" 16" (medium)
9" x 7" 22" (large)
10" x 8" 22" (large)
12" x 9" 22" (large)


Enhancing Elegance: Large Metal Effect Exterior Plaque With Wood From Gravesham Trophy Centre

In architectural aesthetics, exterior plaques are pivotal in conveying a sense of identity and prestige. A large metal effect exterior plaque with wood is a sophisticated and timeless choice among the myriad options. This article explores the fusion of metal and wood in exterior plaques, highlighting their aesthetic appeal, durability, and the unique offerings from Gravesham Trophy Centre.

Metal effect exterior plaque with wood seamlessly blends the robustness of metal with wood's warmth and natural beauty. This fusion creates a striking visual contrast, making these plaques ideal for various settings, from corporate offices to historical landmarks. The marriage of metal and wood adds an element of sophistication and ensures versatility in design, allowing for intricate detailing and customisation.

Harmony & Resilience: The Timeless Allure Of Wood, Metal & Plastic Engraved Plaques

The metal effect on exterior plaques offers a contemporary and polished appearance, making a bold statement. Whether it's the sleekness of brushed aluminium or the regality of bronze, these metal finishes evoke a sense of prestige. When paired with the warmth and grain of wood, the result is a harmonious blend that complements modern and traditional architectural styles. One of the key advantages of wood, metal & plastic engraved plaques is their durability.

Metal is inherently resistant to the elements, ensuring the plaque remains pristine even in challenging weather conditions. Additionally, the combination of metal and wood enhances the overall resilience of the plaque, making it a long-lasting investment. This durability makes them suitable for outdoor installations, withstanding the test of time and maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Exquisite Custom Wood Plaque With Polished Brass Plate: Unrivaled Options & Craftsmanship

Gravesham Trophy Centre offers various customisation options for a wood plaque with a polished brass plate. Customers can choose from different metals, including aluminium, brass, and bronze, each with unique characteristics. Wood options such as oak, mahogany, or walnut provide further customisation, allowing clients to match the plaque to the existing architectural elements or interior design.

Choosing a reputable supplier is paramount for a wood plaque with a polished brass plate. With years of experience and commitment to excellence, Gravesham Trophy Centre has become a trusted name in the industry. Our skilled artisans pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each plaque reflects the client's vision and meets the highest quality standards.

Crafting Narratives: Personalised Engraving In Metal-effect Exterior Plaque With Wood

We at Gravesham Trophy Centre go beyond the ordinary by offering personalised engraving services. Whether it's commemorating a special event, recognising achievements, or displaying historical information, the ability to add custom text and logos ensures that each plaque tells a unique story. This personalised touch enhances the significance of the plaque, making it more than just a decorative element but a meaningful representation of the space it occupies.

In conclusion, the fusion of metal and wood in exterior plaques creates a visual symphony that combines metal's strength with wood's warmth. Gravesham Trophy Centre's commitment to craftsmanship and customisation ensures that each plaque is a unique piece of art that enhances the aesthetics of its surroundings. When investing in wood, plastic &  metal engraved plaques, patrons acquire a durable and visually appealing ornament and contribute to the narrative of the space they adorn. Choose elegance, durability, and personalisation—choose a metal effect exterior plaque with wood from Gravesham Trophy Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process my order?

  • If all items on your order are in stock, the lead time on engraved items is normally around 1 week. Plain items with no engraving are usually fulfilled sooner. If you need something quickly, we'd highly recommend contacting us to check and we'll be happy to advise. Out of stock or certain bespoke/made-to-order items may have a longer lead time - We will be sure to contact you if there is likely to be a longer lead time for your order. If you have a specific deadline (such as a date for your event), please leave a note in your basket before checkout.

Are your 'in stock' items all available at your showroom?

  • Because of the vast amount of choice we offer, we do not carry all items shown at our Gravesend, Kent based showroom. We hold a local stock of core popular products. We highly recommend contacting us to check availibility before visiting to avoid disappointment. Stock levels shown across our range is generally very accurate and in the unlikely event of ordering an item that is unavailable, we will promptly contact you and offer an equivalent or better product of the same type at the same cost (in almost all situations).

Will I get updates on my order?

  • Yes, you will! An email confirmation is sent upon ordering, and a further email is sent when your order is dispatched or available for collection (depending on what you chose on checkout).
Guide to uploading your artwork

Artwork for items that have round 'inserts' E.G. the coloured disc you may see in the centre of medals, or on a sports trophy, you can upload most image sizes as a JPG / PNG. Of course, the better quality the image, the better quality print!

For artwork to be engraved (etched) directly on to glass and metal items, images for engraving should be supplied to us as a:

  • High quality black and white image file (no greys/shading preferably), or a colour image with little to no shading detail, otherwise it may have to be reworked by us for an additional fee.
  • A vector graphic file (EPS/PDF or similar) is always preferred, but a high-resolution JPG or similar image file is also acceptable.
  • For our glass awards that can be colour printed, both images and photographs are acceptable, as long as they are large, high quality files. Please note most standard photographs are not suitable for etched glass / metal.

Above all else, don't worry if you're unsure about the artwork you're supplying - We check all of this for you and will always make effort to contact if we need to discuss. For an additional surcharge (POA), we do also offer an artwork redraw service if your original image does not meet our requirements.

For more details and examples, please visit our Artwork Guidelines page here.

Please note, engraving and round 'centre disc' designs on product photos are shown as a guide for example purposes only.

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Amy S.

Amazing customer service. John was great and responded to all our questions very quickly. The salvers arrived in super fast time and we were thrilled with them, especially the engraving. So thanks for the fabulous customer service and for the beautiful finished product. We will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Michelle F.

Fantastic customer service. Great communication and fast delivery. The most beautiful memorial trophy. Thank you so much to the team for your kind service.

Debbie R.

Their customer service was excellent, they communicated with me regularly and quickly. They also completed my order in a quick time as requested and the engraved items I received were stunning! I would definitely recommend GTC.

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