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      Your awards deserve the best artwork! When engraving images on glass and metal, images for engraving should be supplied to us as a:

      • High quality black and white image file (no greys/shading preferably), or a colour image with little to no shading detail, otherwise it may have to be reworked by us for an additional fee.

      • A vector graphic file (EPS / PDF or similar) is always preferred, but a high-resolution JPEG or similar image file is also acceptable.

      • For our glass awards that can be colour printed, both images and photographs are acceptable, as long as they are large / high quality. Please note most standard photographs are not suitable for etched glass / metal.

      Artwork which has been hand-drawn / poorly scanned with no crisp lines will need to be redrawn. Similarly, any images which are small (low resolution) will be too low quality to use directly without being redrawn.

      Logos with solid colour and are high-resolution (either a large image file or vector graphic such as an EPS file) are perfectly acceptable.

      We are here to help you: If you have any questions about artwork, or would like to discuss a potential redraw/touchup on a logo, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01474 560016 or email sales@graveshamtrophycentre.co.uk

      Here is an example image, with a lot of colour details and fuzzy lettering, redrawn in-house to make it fully compatible for engraving. Drop us an email and we'll be happy to discuss this service and provide a quote with your order!