Metal-Effect Laminate Plaque (Suitable For Outdoor Use)

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High-quality laminate material with a 'brushed' look, which emulates the style of brass or stainless steel at a fraction of the cost! Doesn't rot or tarnish; ideal for outdoor use. Perfect for presentations, memorials and more. Add engraving of your choice and even your own logo / corner scrolls (additional costs apply). Fixing options of round-head brass screws with holes, or self-adhesive (double-sided) tape on the back are available.

Plaques available in Gold or Silver. Sizes are in increments of 0.5", but if a specific size is needed please select the nearest value and tell us your size(s) in the 'additional requests' box when ordering.

Inches to mm conversion guide 

 Inches Millimetres
0.5" 12.7mm
1.5" 38.1mm
2.0" 50.8mm
2.5" 63.5mm
3.0" 76.2mm
3.5" 88.9mm
4.0" 101.6mm
4.5" 114.3mm
5.0" 127mm
5.5" 139.7mm
6.0" 152.4mm
6.5" 165.1mm
7.0" 177.8mm
7.5" 190.5mm
8.0" 203.2mm
8.5" 215.9mm
9.0" 228.6mm
9.5" 241.3mm
10.0" 254mm
10.5" 266.7mm
11.0" 279.4mm
11.5" 292.1mm
12.0" 304.8mm


Crafting Timeless Stories: Gravesham Trophy Centre’s Engraved Laminate Plaques - A Symphony Of Personalised Excellence

In the quaint town of Gravesham, nestled amidst the rolling hills and whispers of history, a hidden gem catches the eye of those seeking a touch of uniqueness and finesse – the Gravesham Trophy Centre. While trophies are often associated with grand achievements and shining moments, the engraved laminate plaques stand out as an offbeat masterpiece in recognition and celebration. Picture this: a humble shopfront adorned with gleaming trophies, an eclectic array of awards, and a mysterious charm that beckons you to explore further.

We at the Gravesham Trophy Centre are a testament to craftsmanship and distinction and differ from your average trophy store. It's a sanctuary for those seeking something beyond the ordinary, and the personalised metal plaques epitomise this unconventional allure. What sets these plaques apart from the mundane sea of awards is not just the material or the craftsmanship but the inherent ability to weave a story. Each plaque, meticulously crafted and engraved, exudes a sense of character that goes beyond the recipient's name and accomplishment. It becomes a tangible symbol of the journey, the struggles, and the triumphs that lead to that pivotal moment of recognition.

The engraved laminate plaques at our trophy store are not just objects; they are storytellers narrating tales of dedication, perseverance, and milestones achieved.

The Brass Effect Laminate Plaques: Elevating Recognition With Timeless Elegance

Imagine a plaque that speaks volumes about a team's unity or an individual's relentless pursuit of excellence. It's not just a piece of brass; it's a narrative etched in metal, capturing the essence of success in a visual symphony. But why brass, you might wonder? With its timeless elegance and durability, brass is the perfect canvas for these stories. It's not just a metal; it's a medium that ages gracefully, mirroring the resilience and lasting impact of the achievements it commemorates. With their warm golden hue, the brass effect laminate plaques beckon admiration, subtly demanding attention without being overly showy.

When you visit the Gravesham Trophy Centre to check out these unique plaques, you're not just purchasing an award but investing in a piece of art that goes beyond traditional recognition. It's more than just a simple transaction; it's a journey where we act as curators, guiding you through a gallery of possibilities. Selecting a customised metal-effect plaque is not a choice made in haste; it's a thoughtful decision, an ode to the recipient's unique story. In a world where everything is mass-produced, and conformity reigns supreme, the Gravesham Trophy Centre stands as a beacon of individuality.

Luminary Metal Plaques For Outdoors - A Celebration Of The Extraordinary

With their timeless allure, the luminary metal plaques for the outdoors are a testament to the philosophy that recognition should be as unique as the accomplishments they celebrate. It's an offbeat approach to acknowledging success, a rebellion against the mundane, and celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary. So, if you find yourself in the charming town of Gravesham, don't just settle for the ordinary when recognising achievements. Take a detour to the Gravesham Trophy Centre, where the luminary metal plaques for outdoors redefine the art of acknowledgement.

In a world that often overlooks the subtleties of success, these plaques stand tall, whispering tales of triumph to those who choose to listen. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in the extraordinary – a testament to the fact that recognition, when done right, is an art form in itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process my order?

  • If all items on your order are in stock, the lead time on engraved items is normally around 1 week. Plain items with no engraving are usually fulfilled sooner. If you need something quickly, we'd highly recommend contacting us to check and we'll be happy to advise. Out of stock or certain bespoke/made-to-order items may have a longer lead time - We will be sure to contact you if there is likely to be a longer lead time for your order. If you have a specific deadline (such as a date for your event), please leave a note in your basket before checkout.

Are your 'in stock' items all available at your showroom?

  • Because of the vast amount of choice we offer, we do not carry all items shown at our Gravesend, Kent based showroom. We hold a local stock of core popular products. We highly recommend contacting us to check availibility before visiting to avoid disappointment. Stock levels shown across our range is generally very accurate and in the unlikely event of ordering an item that is unavailable, we will promptly contact you and offer an equivalent or better product of the same type at the same cost (in almost all situations).

Will I get updates on my order?

  • Yes, you will! An email confirmation is sent upon ordering, and a further email is sent when your order is dispatched or available for collection (depending on what you chose on checkout).
Guide to uploading your artwork

Artwork for items that have round 'inserts' E.G. the coloured disc you may see in the centre of medals, or on a sports trophy, you can upload most image sizes as a JPG / PNG. Of course, the better quality the image, the better quality print!

For artwork to be engraved (etched) directly on to glass and metal items, images for engraving should be supplied to us as a:

  • High quality black and white image file (no greys/shading preferably), or a colour image with little to no shading detail, otherwise it may have to be reworked by us for an additional fee.
  • A vector graphic file (EPS/PDF or similar) is always preferred, but a high-resolution JPG or similar image file is also acceptable.
  • For our glass awards that can be colour printed, both images and photographs are acceptable, as long as they are large, high quality files. Please note most standard photographs are not suitable for etched glass / metal.

Above all else, don't worry if you're unsure about the artwork you're supplying - We check all of this for you and will always make effort to contact if we need to discuss. For an additional surcharge (POA), we do also offer an artwork redraw service if your original image does not meet our requirements.

For more details and examples, please visit our Artwork Guidelines page here.

Please note, engraving and round 'centre disc' designs on product photos are shown as a guide for example purposes only.

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Amy S.

Amazing customer service. John was great and responded to all our questions very quickly. The salvers arrived in super fast time and we were thrilled with them, especially the engraving. So thanks for the fabulous customer service and for the beautiful finished product. We will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Michelle F.

Fantastic customer service. Great communication and fast delivery. The most beautiful memorial trophy. Thank you so much to the team for your kind service.

Debbie R.

Their customer service was excellent, they communicated with me regularly and quickly. They also completed my order in a quick time as requested and the engraved items I received were stunning! I would definitely recommend GTC.

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