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      When a Wedding Anniversary is to be commemorated, The Gravesham Trophy Centre has a superb collection of Glass and Crystal gifts, which can be bespoke engraved to celebrate the day. Don’t buy a ‘standard’ meaningless present; give something which will always be on show and displayed with pride!

      A 7" x 5" Curved Clear Glass Frame, deeply engraved to commemorate a 25th Wedding Anniversary

      Allow The Gravesham Trophy Centre to help you with your choice of designs and words to be engraved into a beautiful piece of glass or crystal – and create a gift to present at the celebration which will be head and shoulders above any other. A little thought can go a long way!

      A 7" (Height) Royal Diamond Tablet, engraved with a Clan Crest in celebration of a Diamond Wedding Anniversary

      Wedding Anniversaries are a special time for couples to reflect on the year gone by (and years gone by!) and look to the future. Each Anniversary can be commemorated in style, with a deep engraved commemorative design (we have lots to choose from) and appropriate words, into a piece of glass or crystal.

      Words to suit the occasion, combined with a photograph of the couple, maybe from their Wedding Day, will create a Wow factor! The Gravesham Trophy Centre has lots of suitable pieces to select from.

      Here is one commission completed for a couple – their Heraldic crest was researched and engraved at the summit of this Rock Tablet. The small logo is the crest from their Bowling Club. Rock Tablets are the epitome of The Highlands of Scotland, where they are hand made. Beautifully packaged in a blocked box and sporting a Certificate of Authenticity, each piece is unique and will be treasured for years to come.