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      Engraved Pair of Crystalite Lovers Decanters

      Brandy is a spirit, made from distilling wine (or fruit juice).  The wonderful golden colour of brandy is due either to it being aged in oak caskets, or the addition of caramel - or both.

      Brandy is a general term, used for spirit made in a variety of places in the world.  There are 'standards' applied to brandies, from the ordinary to VS (very special), through VSOP (very superior old pale), XO (extra old) up to Hors d'âge (beyond age).

      There are also brandies made from other fruit; peach, apple and grain being popular.

      Cognac (from the French region of Cognac) is a double distilled brandy, as are South African Brandies.  Armagnac is a famous brandy, exclusively from the Armagnac region, in the southwest of France.  Other famous brandies come from India (Bejois), Spain (Brandy de Jerez), Turkey (Kanyak), Chile & Peru (Pisco), Italy (Stravecchio) and America (Christian Bros., E&J Gallo and Korbel).

      Hand-Made Engraved Round Glass Ships Decanter

      Being a spirit, brandy is traditionally stored in square decanters.  Modern shapes of spirit decanters have become more popular, during recent years.  Brandy decanters, especially cut crystal brandy decanters, refract the colour of this noble spirit, intensifying the rich colour of brandy further.

      There is no reason why a brandy decanter needs to be square or round (more like a wine decanter), tall or short, thin or fat.  The single purpose of decanting brandy is to show off its fine colour.  However, it is vital that the stopper of a brandy decanter should fit snugly.  Air entering into the decanter will allow both the evaporation of the spirit and spoil the taste.

      Engraved Square Spirit Decanter

      Brandy decanters make superb Sports prizes or awards.  Your club crest, along with the name of the trophy, event or achievement and winner's name, date etc; can be crisply engraved into the glass or crystal.  For special presentations, your brandy decanter can be supplied in a satin lined box.

      Engraved Square Spirit Decanter

      High quality Corporate gifts, of an engraved brandy decanter, in a satin lined box, have a high perceived value.  Your corporate logo, along with words commemorating an award, prize or retirement can be deeply and faithfully engraved into the glass or crystal.  Simply upload your logo with your online order.