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      School Medals

      Our selection of School Medals - Fantastic for all types of competitions and events! Our School Medal range features a variety of colours, styles and sizes to fit all budgets.

      Orders can be engraved with wording of your choice. You can also upload your own design / artwork / club logo. We're here to help if you have any questions; feel free to contact us.

      Celebrate Achievement With Student Recognition Medals

      Student recognition medals from Gravesham Trophy Centre are significant in acknowledging and celebrating students' accomplishments. These medals go beyond a mere token of appreciation; they serve as a powerful motivator and a symbol of pride. By recognising students’ hard work, dedication, and achievements, these medals instil a sense of accomplishment and boost self-confidence.

      They validate the efforts put in by students, reinforcing the belief that their work matters and is valued. Additionally, Student recognition medals foster a positive and competitive spirit, encouraging students to strive for excellence and reach their full potential. The impact of these medals extends far beyond the moment of recognition, as they become cherished keepsakes that students can look back on with pride and fond memories. Gravesham Trophy Centre understands the importance of honouring student achievements, and our exceptional selection of Student recognition medals is a testament to their commitment to celebrating and inspiring the next generation of leaders and achievers.

      Crafting Memories: Custom School Medals and Awards

      Step into a world of endless possibilities with custom school medals and school awards from Gravesham Trophy Centre. Our extensive range of custom school medals and customisable options ensures you can create a unique and personalised award for any occasion. From classic designs to innovative shapes and sizes, our selection caters to various achievements and events. Want to add a touch of sparkle? Opt for medals with vibrant enamel colours or dazzling glitter finishes.

      Are you looking to make it truly one-of-a-kind? Engraving options allow you to personalise each award with names, dates, or inspiring messages. Additionally, you can incorporate school logos, mascots, or custom artwork to infuse your medals with a sense of pride and identity. Whether it's academic excellence, sports triumphs, or artistic accomplishments, Gravesham Trophy Centre has the perfect award and customisation options to honour and celebrate students' unique talents and achievements. Let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable mementoes with custom school medals that stand out.

      Gravesham Trophy Centre: Order Online From Leading School Medal Supplier

      Discover the epitome of convenience and efficiency when purchasing school medals by simply clicking your way through Gravesham Trophy Centre's seamless online ordering process. As the leading school medal supplier, we have streamlined the entire experience, eliminating the need for time-consuming visits to physical stores or navigating complex ordering procedures.

      Our user-friendly website empowers you to explore our extensive collection of top-quality school medal designs effortlessly, all from the comfort of your home. Whether commemorating academic achievements or celebrating remarkable sporting triumphs, our customisable options and diverse styles ensure you find the perfect medals to suit your needs. With just a few clicks, select your desired quantity, personalise if desired, and proceed to our secure online checkout. Leave the rest to the expert team at Gravesham Trophy Centre, who will promptly deliver your meticulously packaged medals to your doorstep. Embrace the unrivalled convenience of online ordering and elevate your school events with our exceptional medals. Prepare to celebrate success with unparalleled ease and efficiency by choosing Gravesham Trophy Centre, your trusted school medal supplier.