Zero Waste Week & Our New Eco Award Range

It's Zero Waste Week! Between 4th-8th September, businesses and individuals are invited to learn more about how we can reduce waste and change our daily consumption habits for a greener, better planet. It's a great campaign to save money, reduce your landfill contribution and preserve our precious natural resources.

It's an initiative we care about here at Gravesham Trophy Centre, and it could not be a better time to also introduce our new Eco/Sustainable Award range!

A range of awards made from materials that are sustainably sourced, recycled or made from something naturally renewable, such as bamboo.
Carefully designed to promote eco-friendly practices and minimise waste, this range of awards is a significant step towards building a better and cleaner future for our planet. Whether you're recognising an individual or team, these awards are perfect for honouring outstanding performance, exemplary leadership, or any other noteworthy accomplishment. In addition to their impressive aesthetic appeal, our sustainable and eco-friendly awards are also environmentally responsible. By using ethically sourced and recycled materials, were reducing waste and conserving natural resources, making these awards an ideal choice for organizations and individuals committed to sustainability.