Working for Gin!

Here at GTC, we're fortunate to work with many great companies! One, in particular, was a highlight for our resident gin-lover, John. Last year we were commissioned to engrave over 100 crystal glasses for London-based Sipsmith Gin, to raise a toast to their 10th anniversary. We were very kindly sent a bottle as thanks, much to John's delight!

A close-up of the Sipsmith engraving, sandblasted into the glass. A deep, permanent etch that is detailed and sure to impress for years!

With gin ever-rising in popularity, we're seeing more and more requests and orders for tall gin and tonic (highball) and 'balloon' gin glasses. We're proud to offer a wide selection of these for our customers!

A pair of Diamante gin glasses with a spiral design, available in a stunning satin-lined presentation box.

Our ever-popular Quadro tall glass, with a striking 'twist' design. A perfect engraved gift for the Gin & Tonic fan!