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      Click here to view our collection of Port Decanters to buy online

      No one sits down in an evening and drinks a whole bottle of Port! Instead of leaving Port in a bottle, it's a good idea to decant it and put its beautiful colour on display in a room.

      An engraved Port Decanter makes a very useful gift and is suitable for all presentations.  During the order process, you can upload your own design, or use one from our extensive library.  Combined with suitable commemorative words, your gift will be full of meaning for the recipient and displayed with pride.

      A Georgian-style Port Decanter, available with engraving of your choice. Shown with satin-lined presentation box.

      About Port

      Port is a fortified wine from Portugal.  Specifically, the Douro region.  In Portugal, Port is known as Porto and the drink is made from any of the many varieties of grapes grown in the region.  It is the addition of Aguardente, a grape spirit that stops the fermentation that makes Port special and sets it apart from being a 'normal' wine.

      Port has been popular since the 1700's, when England stopped trading with France.  Wines from Portugal were good, but didn't travel.  The system of fortification effectively preserved the wine during its journey over the sea and it became very popular.

      You have several choices of Port Decanter available to you, from our online Shop.  There are traditional lead crystal Wine Decanters (remember, Port is a Wine), clear glass Modern Decanters and a lead crystal, Georgian-style Port Decanter, which has a clear panel for your engraving.

      "Balmoral Glass" Ships Decanter, ideal for Port - and engraving!


      Why not pair your Port Decanter with our Claudia Port Glasses? Can be engraved with your own text/design to make it extra special.