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      One of our bespoke services is hand engraving, by an expert hand engraver with over 30 years experience. 

      Hand Engraving on glass is an art form, not to be confused with the more commercially accomplished 'sandblasting'.

      Hand engraved glass becomes unique.  In fact, our hand engraver guarantees that each piece will be different.  It being impossible to repeat each line in exactly the same way, as a machine would - our hand engraver is a human being..!

      Wine glass with sign of the Zodiac hand engraved.


      We strongly suggest that you do not select the least expensive piece, when electing to go for hand engraved glassware. Simply put, crystal is softer than glass and therefore easier to engrave.  Hand engraving is accomplished using a dentist drill and the very same carborundum and diamond-tipped burrs that a dentist uses! For more extensive work, our hand engraver also uses rubber and felt polishing mops, which also wear out faster on inexpensive glassware.


      Glass fruit bowl, hand engraved with a Chinese dragon.

      Contact Us to Place A Commission For Hand Engraved Glass or Crystal


      Please bear the following in mind when enquiring for a hand-engraved order:


      • What purpose is the piece for? A Gift, Corporate Presentation, a Sporting Trophy?

      • Which item from our range would you like your engraving on, or is it your own existing item?

      • Do you have a Design you would like engraved? A logo or image for example?

      • Do you have Words to engrave?  We can help with this, if needed.

      • Lastly, please let us know when you need the piece for. 

        Even elaborate designs can be hand engraved onto glass & crystal!